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Negative Nancy strikes again...or does she?

The Holiday Fingerhut commercials were always fun to do - well directed and humorous. This is one of my favorites...may have something to do with the drums...

Annie Get Your Gun 

One of my favorite roles to date! Anything originally written with Ethel Merman as a leading player has a special place in my heart...and sometimes on my resume. :)

Mamma Mia in Bryant Park, NYC

I loved playing Tanya, Rosie & Donna in Mamma Mia!,  but one of the coolest parts of being on Broadway was the opportunity to do special performances for benefits and fundraising. Broadway in Bryant Park was always a treat.

Nancy's Budget from

The first commercial using Nancy and Nancy's Budget. Ranked high and, well, we filmed for over 4 years and have run for 7. 

Heading 2

Jen's Musical Montage - Theatre and 

Select Concerts

Evine Commercial - Christmas 2018

Anderson-Petty "Superman"

Hell's Kitchen, Musical Mondays. 

Mini-Cabaret for Abitaan

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