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Jen BB is an actor/singer based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market. Although Jen has toured internationally and has been blessed with having years of employment on Broadway stages, she also has grown by having performed in many amazingly small and intimate theatres throughout the country. Whilst working contract-to-contract in the Twin Cities Metro area, JBB also auditions in New York, Chicago and wonderful regional theaters across the nation
She loves film & commercial work, so continuously strives to be in front of the cameria as much as possible in that medium, as well.

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Some Reviews :
Cherry & says... "Jen Burleigh-Bentz is so strong and fierce and fragile..."

"Burleigh-Bentz, who was also funny and charming, delivered a Broadway caliber performance all the way through... Now, to be clear, I’m no expert in vocal arts. I was a band kid in high school. But I know when a voice moves me, and WOW did her voice move me! “Throw it Out” was far and away my favorite number in the show, and I credit that entirely to Burleigh-Bentz's range and ability to perfectly convey the mania of a mother on the verge of a breakdown as her son prepares for brain surgery. She was electric, engaging, and magnetic, and I sincerely hope I get the chance to see her perform again in the future."
-Millenial in the Mezzanine Blog on "A New Brain" at Artistry Theatre in Bloomington

"A New Brain," a quirk­y, prob­lem­at­ic show that's been more phan­tom than real, has been deft­ly staged at Art­ist­ry. The skilled play­ers back a well-blended cast that in­cludes consummate pro Jen Burleigh-Bentz of Broad­way’s “Mamma Mia!,” expert singer Brad­ley Green­wald and op­er­at­ic bar­i­tone Ro­dol­fo Ni­e­to."  - STAR TRIBUNE

TALKIN' BROADWAY SAYS: 'Gordon's mother Mimi is played with grit and love in equal measure in a great performance by Jen Burleigh-Bentz. Her refusal to be tearful over Gordon's prospects of recovery is fierce, channeled via her smoky voice into faux sunniness and furiously cleaning his apartment ("Mother's Gonna Make Things Fine," "In the Middle of the Room," "Throw It Out,"), until she caves in with a poignant appraisal of how she will endure the loss in "The Music Still Goes On," a showstopper.

The Pioneer Press Says:
"Jen Burleigh-Bentz makes his anxious, agitated mother full-voiced and fascinating, culminating in a torch song, “The Music Still Plays On,” with the urgent, damaged air of late-model Judy Garland."
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