JBB - yeah, you know me!

(Or, you will after reading this.)

Jen Burleigh-Bentz is an actor/singer based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market. Although Jen has toured internationally, she loves living in River Falls, WI where she and her singer/songwriter husband
own and operate a full-line music store, Brickhouse Music [brickhousemusic.com]. Crazy as it may sound for a music retail store owner and operator, Jen has been blessed with having years of employment on Broadway stages as well as having performed in many shows in amazingly small and intimate theatres throughout the country. Whilst working contract-to-contract in the Twin Cities Metro area, JBB also auditions in New York, Chicago, and wonderful regional theaters across the country
She also loves film & commercial work, so continuously strives to work as much as possible in that medium, as well.
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